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Frequently Asked Questions

Get updated on the most intriguing questions reigning over other applicants’ minds. Get rid of vagueness due to these answers!

How long does the writing process take?

Time is a very important factor for med residency personal statement write-ups, therefore, we make sure that we are prompt and we write the tasks as fast and as precisely as we can. We, however, make sure that quality is paramount and is maintained as we have no intention of compromising on it at all. There are some factors which determine how long it takes to complete the task which includes the number of pages expected, the appropriate word count, the information expected to be included. We make sure that we do not mess with time since your submission is also time-based as well.

What file formats are supported?

There are quite a number of file formats that are supported by our system and which you can, therefore, submit your document in. They include zip files (.zip), PDF files, Microsoft Excel files (.xls and .xlsx) and the most common and popular which are the Microsoft Word files formats.

What happens in the case one is not pleased with the services provided?

If you are not satisfied with the final output written you have the right to raise a claim with us. There is an option of redoing the task so that it fits your specifications and therefore you can give us another chance. We also offer a money-back guarantee, therefore, you are entitled to get your funds returned if you choose to.

What happens in the case the stated guarantees are not met?

We are faithful to our promise and therefore we make sure that we abide and deliver on everything that we have stated. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and therefore we make sure that we stick to all our terms and conditions. There are no issues or previous cases of non-refunds for the money back guarantee and therefore you do not have to worry. For the free proofreads and revisions, we make sure that we deliver on them as well and at no point will we submit a document without carrying out these checks.

Who handles the personal statement for residency application tasks?

The tasks are handled by our able and experienced team of writers who have all it takes. They are professionals at what they do right from the first impression you get when you have the first contact with our team, the constant communication in a bid to reach an agreement as well as how they work on the task. For any personal statement task, we give it to the person who is most qualified to work on it based on the area of specialization as well as years of experience.

Do the writers who help with writing a personal statement have enough experience?

The writers have enough experience since all of them have gone through studies at university level and have specialized in different fields. They have also practiced for quite a while before they are allowed to handle tasks on their own. They have enough experience and therefore you do not have to worry. The vetting process to obtain the best writers is very thorough and objective.

What do the writing services basically entail?

The writing services provided come in many forms and these include editing, proofreading, paraphrasing, and formatting. We make sure that we serve your different needs which could be coming up with fresh content from scratch, putting content in different sets of words, reviewing it so as to get rid of all errors and inconsistencies in language and presenting it in the best form are all taken care of.

Where does one find the information they need?

The information is found on the website and if you need more you can reach out to our team on the same platform and ask them any more questions that you may have and they will be answered right away. For AMCAS apply, we also help with this by providing useful tips and you do not have to worry.

What can you provide to an applicant to use as guidance if they want to write the personal statement for medical residency themselves?

We provide residency personal statement examples which have all the aspects taken. They indicate the contents, the appropriate format, what you should do, what you shouldn’t including many other aspects. Residency personal statement examples are therefore satisfactory illustrations.